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Our Purpose

What We Do

The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, a national non-profit organization located in Washington, D.C., advocates for U.S. federal legislation that would enable conscientious objectors to war to have their federal income taxes directed to a special fund which would be used for non-military purposes alone. This fund would be called the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund, and the bill we seek to pass is called the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act, called H.R. 2483 in the current Congressional term.

Why We Do It

Advocacy for the establishment of a Peace Tax Fund is part of a long and distinguished history of religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and conscientious objection to war in the U.S.A. NCPTF believes that any form of coerced participation in military activity violates the inalienable right of people to live according to their religious conscience and ethical beliefs. Therefore, we promote legislation that is structured to acknowledge and accommodate this basic individual right. Just as our nation has developed a means by which citizens, on the basis of religious conscience, may choose to do non-military service in lieu of military service when a military draft is in effect, we advocate for statutes that establish a means by which the income tax payments of designated conscientious objectors can be directed to non-military purposes. Read about the Peace Tax Fund's background, why it is important that the bill gets passed, and what effects its enactment will have on our nation.