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Kucinich and Carson Cosponsor Peace Tax Fund

On December 15, Representatives Dennis Kucinich (OH-10) and Julia Carson (IN-07) added their names to the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill, H.R. 2631. This bill now has support from 41 members of Congress, including lead sponsor Rep. John Lewis (GA-05).

Kucinich, whose 2004 Presidential campaign embodied the ideals of many progressives, is also the lead sponsor of a bill to establish a Department of Peace. This is his first time to cosponsor the Peace Tax Fund Bill. Kucinich, in his 5th term in Congress, represents areas in and around Cleveland.

This is Carson's 4th time cosponsoring H.R. 2631. In her 5th term in Congress, Carson is the successor to Andy Jacobs who was the lead sponsor of the Peace Tax Fund Bill in the early 1990s. Carson represents Indianapolis.

The Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill only needs four more cosponsors to add their names within the next year to garner the most cosponsors it has had since 1990. Rep. Ron Dellums first introduced this bill in 1972 as the World Peace Tax Fund Bill. It has been re-introduced each year since then, with several name and wording changes over the years.

To see a full list of cosponsors, please click here.